Friday, January 12, 2018

Eyes Up To The Sun

Gave up to the sun today
Back down here on the earth
With my eyes closed
I can see you anywhere

Surround me like the ocean breeze
Love on my mind
Your hands on my heart
Can't make out which reality is more surreal
This white sand ocean floor

Or the white mink rug
On your bedroom floor
Littered with palo santo
Gems & sage
Can't you see
I'm locked in your flowered cage
Romanticizing coming home

Praying every time
I walk through those wooden doors
Your cabin in the woods
Trading this fur for your goods
The exchange is mutual my dear
Always ending up at your ears

Spinning circles into your cheek bones
Milk thistle honey and silk robes
I lose myself into your eyes
Smearing lines of the past
Wondering who you really are
Waking up again in your arms

The ocean waves break against my limbs
As this sun slowly kisses
Me softly back to sleep
Swimming back to you
In my mind
Swimming through
These time zones
To your delicate treat

Rest your collar upon
My beating heart
Let these waves
Wash our fear apart
Soaking up another
Beautiful bountiful day
Lost on this white sand beach
With you on my mind
With the hands of time on our side

My eyes closed up to the sun
I feel you everywhere
Sprawled out on this beach
Into your womb

Into your wooden cave
Keep me your comfort slave
I'll be the pillow
You be the sheets
Nestle up inside of me
Wash us to sleep

Back into your world
Spinning with eyes
Up to the sun
Back on the earth
Falling back into you again
With these gentle waves
Lapping at our feet

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